Hikariumi Crowned Crane Cups


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The Hikariumi Crowned Crane Coffee/Tea Cups are celadon glazed porcelain cups individually hand crafted and painted with meticulous precision and detail to display the vibrant and eccentric design of the Red-crowned crane or, "Japanese crane" juxtaposed against a bold blue background further contrasted by subtle yet striking white accents of nature's scenery. It's unrivaled craftsmanship and build quality combined with the breathtaking visual delight of its hand painted finish compliments a fresh hot cup of coffee or tea that's sure to impress. 
Detail and Info:
  • Material: Ceramic Glazed Porcelain
  • Spray-glazed w/ high temperature firing
  • Hand Painted, Fired, Finished
  • Capacity: 400mL

What's Included

  • 1x Hikariumi Crane Cup
  • 1x Spoon
  • 1x Lid