Sun Wukong Ceramic Clay Statue


Enter Sun Wukong: the legendary mythic figure of 16th century Chinese mythology brought to being through a resilient, handmade, ceramic and purple clay construction with a charming aesthetic twist. The meticulous attention detail, precision craftmanship exuding in every curve and outline, and its hand fired, finished, and polished construction exude pure awesomeness that earns its mythical namesake and then some. Whether in Conquest Solo Lanes, or 16th century novels, the Monkey King's simple yet striking presence radiates with high spirit. 

Product Detail and Info: 

  • Sun Wukong Mythological Statue
  • Material: Ceramic + Purple Clay
  • 100% Handmade / Hand fired and finished
  • Dimensions: LARGE: 12x7cm | SMALL: 8.8*4.8cm